Based in Italy, Bortolato & Partners provide Legal and Trade support for companies developing export sales internationally, with partners in Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe. We are specialized in Company M&A, Due Diligence, Commercial Contracts, Debt Collections, and Commercial Expansion Strategy. A multidisciplinary consultancy focused on “problem-solving”.

Some of our clients:


Bortolato & Partners International Legal and Trade Consultants

Viale dell’Industria, 23/B – Padova (PD) Italy – 35129
Tel.:  +39 346 8252252
mail: bortolatolaw@libero.it

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Miriam Girotto

Miriam Girotto

manager at Bassam Brasil Exportacao ltda

Em 24 de agosto de 2018, Julio trabalhava com Miriam no mesmo grupo

It is not often you find a multitask professional as Julio Bortolato . Due to his experience on international trade and lawyer formal studies he is able to analyse and understand several business aspects
As his customer for the past 4 years and knowing him for more than a decade I may say his presence on negotiations brings a necessary security level nowadays.
Julio´s international experience visiting and working in many countries has enlarged his knowledge and networking allowing him to develop new ways to provide lawyer and commercial assistance.

Miriam Girotto manager at Bassam Brasil Exportacao ltda.

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